Sienna X Tan Solution 8% DHA

For clients who want to achieve a light-medium tan.


Sienna X Tan Solution 10% DHA 

For a more sunkissed yet natural-looking tan.

Sienna X Tan Solution 12% DHA

This solution is perfect for olive complexions. Ideal for clients with darker skin tones who tan well or have a base tan already.

1 Hour Express Tans

You can choose how dark you want to go, simply by deciding when you shower. So if you are looking for a more natural tan, shower after 1 hour. Leave it on for 2 hours to go darker. If you want deeper, darker colour – leave it on for even longer!



Not too light and not too dark, Caramel is perfect for those looking for a classic, sun kissed, golden skin finish in as little as one hour.


Original maximizes your skin’s deepest potential, capturing your natural skin color and amplifying it with super dark results.